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Innovation and Customization are the ways to meet the needs of customer, today and tomorrow

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Innovation and Customization are the ways to meet the needs of customer, today and tomorrow

CANDID is exporter and manufacturer of Pharmaceutical finished formulation assuring quality at all stages via raw material, in process quality and end product. We strive hard to improve the quality of life for patients by providing them products that are Safe, Effective, High Quality and Affordable. Every member of Candid team performs their duty with devotion, determination, dedication and discipline.

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Core Values

Acting with responsibility, accuracy and efficiency.
Innovation and creativity
Working with initiative to create systems that enable us to improve the results of our daily work.
Effectiveness and agility
Concentrating our efforts on work processes which add value to overall results.
Cooperating with colleagues, meeting obligations in every area of the company.
Supporting and encouraging work by empowering professional growth through participation and confidence in new professional challenges.
Customer focus
Working with an attitude of serving those who are to receive the results of our activities.
Maintaining an attitude of accessibility to others, supplying information needed for the understanding and performing of our work.

International Business

Candid has global business in Latin America, African countries & many more to be added in future. We had dedicated and

trained work force to embark on its journey in establishing its presence in all these regions. We are in a position to give

required registration dossiers and certification as per WHO-GMP Guideline and CTD format.


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Candid provides complete manufacturing service for pharmaceutical products. Our expertise in contract manufacturing and related service lets you focus on key areas of your business.

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